AERO3260 Aerodynamics I

Reference materials

The School of Aerospace, Mechanical, & Mechatronic Engineering at The University of Sydney has a useful set of course notes, ‘Aerodynamics for Students’; see especially ‘Part 3: Aerodynamics’.

NACA Reports and Abbott & von Doenhoff's Theory of Wing Sections

The book Theory of Wing Sections by I. H. Abbott & A. E. von Doenhoff (Dover 1959, ISBN 0486605868) is highly recommended, both as a summary of the aerodynamics of wings and as a source of data on the NACA aerofoils. There are several copies in the University of Sydney Engineering Library, and the book is still in print and can be ordered from the publisher, or you can try to find it at

As the source of data on the NACA aerofoils, it incorporates an earlier technical report

which is now in the public domain. It's available from, but at 20M, the PDF is a large download.

Other classic NACA & NASA Reports on wing aerodynamics include:

See also the NASA Technical Report Server for other work.


Other books include:


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